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Baseus Adaman 22.5w 20000mAh Quick Charge Power Bank

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Features & Compatibility

Looking for a high-capacity power bank that can quickly charge your devices?

Look no further than our Baseus Power Bank Adaman. This device has a large capacity of 20000mAh and can quick-charge your devices at speeds up to 22.5W. Plus, it features a digital display that shows you the remaining power so you always know how much juice is left.

The Baseus Power Bank Adaman 22.5w 20000Mah Digital Display Quick Charge Power is a reliable and efficient power bank that can charge your devices quickly and safely. It has a digital display that shows you the remaining power and the charging status of your devices, so you can always keep track of your power usage. The quick charge feature allows you to charge your devices faster, so you can get back to using them sooner. The power bank also has a built-in overcharge protection system that keeps your devices safe from overcharging.


Large capacity High power Two-way quick charge Smart digital display
20000mAh 22.5W QC3.0 PD3.0 Current Voltage
Metal Shell Shows the Sense of Light Luxury
The all-metal shell, without the traditional sense of cheapness of plastic, feels luxurious.
Multiple-Layer Plating for Perfection
As the alloy shell is plated in multiple layers the color is evenly plated on the surface with fine metallic luster.
SCP 22.5W Light-Speed Quick Charge with Upper Limit Power
It supports HUAWEI 5A SCP quick-charging protocol)
Charging Several Times When Traveling
The newly-upgraded large capacity One is enough for your business trip.
4~5 Hours
Full of Power Bank
It supports PD3.0+QC3.0 two-way quick charge Self-charging is also very fast
Compatible with Various Mobile Phones
Compatible with QC3.0, PD3.0, FCP, AFC, and other quick-charging protocols, it can quickly charge for IP, Mi, Huawei, Samsung, and other mobile phones.
Charge or Storage with One Line
When traveling, you only need one line for its three input interfaces and three output interfaces, trouble-free and effort-saving.


  • Brand: Baseus
  • Name: Power Bank
  • Model: PPADMA
  • Battery capacity: 20000mAh/3.7V 74Wh
  • Rated capacity: 12000mAh
  • Energy conversion rate: ≥ 75%
  • Input
  • iP: 5V 2A,9V 2A Max.
  • Micro: 5V 2A,9V 2A Max.
  • Type-C: 5V/3A 5.5V/3A(SCP) 9V/2A Max.
  • Output
  • USB1: 4.5V 5A,5V 4.5A,5V 3A,9V 2A,12V 1.5A Max.
  • USB2: 4.5V 5A,5V 4.5A,5V 3A,9V 2A,12V 1.5A Max.
  • Type-C: 5V 3A,9V 2A,12V 1.5A Max.
  • USB1+USB2: 5V 3A Max.
  • USB1+Type-C: 5V 3A Max.
  • USB2+Type-C: 5V 3A Max.
  • Type-C+USB1+USB2 Total output power:5V 3A Max

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